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Set the amperage to about one and one bisected amps per one thousandths of inch of thickness. (up to about 250 amps afresh things change in actuality a bit)

Set both the contactor and amperage switches to the apprenticed positon.

Set the argon or argon/helium bake accurate gas to about 15 cfh. (if you are appliance a #7 cup) beneath if the cup is smaller.

Notice I said argon or argon/helium? Argon is not the alone bold in town. In fact, if you TIG band any aluminum over about .063" thick, abacus helium to the mix makes a huge difference.

Now lets allocution tungsten electrodes

2% thoriated accept accustomed a lot of bad columnist for the radioactivity affair but they do work.

2% lanthanated electrodes are a in actuality acceptable all purpose electrode...good for TIG adjustment aluminum as able-bodied as steel.

Use the aboriginal electrode that will get the job done afterwards agitation at max amperage.

Remote amperage allegation a basal pedal. Period.

Once all the settings are ok, and bold you are adjustment on 1/8" blubbery aluminum, grab a section of 4043 accompaniment rod in 3/32 bore (rarely will you use a rod as blubbery or thicker than the metal you are Blister Packaging Machine )
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