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In this week, NBA 2K17 Kicks brings together a pair of sneakers that have been in the spotlight for the past week. At present, NBA 2K17 has been launched for a few weeks, players have chance to set up some gameplay, especially for building the most current releases in the game as well as put them on their favorite player or their creation in MyPlayer. Many player are set about to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4, what an exciting gameplay.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White

At the same time, I didn’t cop a pair of the Air Jordan 12 OVO White this past weekend. I’m not surprised in the least bit, the odds were stacked against anybody that didn’t have a connection and was solely relying on the SNKRS app to come through for them. Honestly, I would have been surprised if I did “win” the chance to buy them (when you think you’re a winner because you are allowed to spend $220 on sneakers, you might want to rethink your calculus of what victory really means).

One of the things that I hope will be included in future iterations of 2K17 is the ability to bring real-world patterns onto the game in the same way that we can now scan our face onto MyPlayer using the MyNBA2K17 app. Let me snap a pic of the Stingray pattern found on the OVO 12 (OVO 10) and place on the shoe’s mudguard. Many players are full with exciting on Buy Cheap NBA 2K17 MT XBOX ONE.

Air Jordan 3 Russell Westbrook PE

We got a closer look at Russell Westbrook’s Air Jordan 3 Player Exclusive. You might remember them from a few years back when Russ wore them against the Lakers (coincidentally or not, we actually worked with Nike that night on some social media stuff so everybody was watching). The Thunder colors make for an interesting look for sure, but if the Russ connection wasn’t there, chances are these would release as a GS sneaker and it wouldn’t gain that much traction from the community.

As much as I love the Air Jordan 3, I can admit it when the colorways aren’t so hot. The only thing preventing the in-game model from becoming a 1:1 copy of the real thing are the eyelets near the toe. They are orange in the real thing but are forced to be yellow in the game because they have to match the Jumpman logo on the tongue. nba 2k17 guides, click here.
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