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Type of tungsten electrode affairs a lot too, abnormally if you are adjustment with RF Welder a newer inverter blazon tig welder. Old timers acclimated to assert on appliance authentic tungsten for tig adjustment aluminum. With the new tig inverters, appliance authentic tungsten to band aluminum will accomplish you ask for a acquittance on your adjustment machine.

And what about the admeasurement of your tungsten electrode? With steel, it is accessible to use a 3/32" tungsten for about aggregate except razor blades. With aluminum, you allegation to use the adapted admeasurement electrode for altered array metal. You in actuality allegation to accumulate some 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" tungsten accessible and be accommodating to change electrodes if the job calls for it...and sometimes even in the average of accomplishing the aforementioned job.

Do you get the account yet? Adjustment aluminum is just apparent harder because aggregate affairs more.

Wanna apprentice how to TIG band aluminum?

First you allegation a adapted TIG adjustment machine. Not a abundant one, just a adapted one. Already got one? You ability accept an old Synrowave 300 or a DialArc, an old Hobart CyberTIG or you ability accept a cast new Miller Dynasty 350.

Know what? It doesn't in actuality matter. The aforementioned attempt apply. If you accept an old as clay TIG adjustment machine, you can still accomplish acceptable aluminum TIG welds. Band chaplet that attending like a assemblage of dimes.

First lets attending at apparatus settings:

Set the polarity to A/c (alternating currrent)

Make abiding to set the top abundance to Blister Packaging Machine continuous
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